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Turnkey Collection Solutions


LFS offers  turnkey collection solutions tailored to your needs ; starting with a fired up group of problem solvers who believe that every log jam cleared allows you to do better.  Your entity needs revenue to flow.  Slow pay and bad debt accounts represent an impediment to all of the things you need to do; whether you are a small business contemplating new hires, a mid-size contractor cash flowing capital expansion or a municipality meeting budget.  Bad debt left for even the shortest period of time creates a log jam to your better future.

Everything you need to quickly deploy a debt collection management plan . . . without the overhead expense.


  • A Mississippi based team of collection professionals with over 75 years of experience.
  • A fully-staffed team of FDCPA collection agents backed by a supporting group of intake and billing professionals
  • An in-house legal department active in your accounts from placement
  • Customized account placement plan ranging from fax to secure ftp uploading of accounts
  • Dedicated client liaison 
  • Monthly remittance reports
  • Complimentary staff training on how to curtail bad debt at the front end
  • State of the art skip tracing suite
  • Secure client portal for account status and update