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About Us

The State of Mississippi has given local government entities a new tactic to receive payment for outstanding bills – the ability to levy state tax returns to satisfy outstanding accounts.  When paired with collection services, we are usually able to offer administration of the Act's notification and dispute process as a complimentary service to our LGE clients.

Navigating this new law is tricky and a large number of collection agencies are likely to begin using this method to their client’s advantage. However, we are the premier service for obtaining past due debts in the state, and we want to help you best navigate this new opportunity for the best results. 

Called the Local Government Debt Collection Set Off Act, the state has now given municipalities and counties the ability to go after personal funds generated from tax returns. Like most new laws, the act has stringent requirements and a few hoops – we are experienced in dealing with the regulatory hurdles of this legislation and are experts in the handling of notification and adjudication of recovering these funds. Your city doesn’t have the manpower or expertise to adequately track the validation requests, hearing requests, requirements for various types of paperwork and much more that is imposed by the law – potentially keeping you from easily obtaining these funds. That is where we come in, managing this complex process on your behalf and with no out of pocket costs for the city beyond a monthly flat fee OR a reasonable contingency fee, whichever works best for your budget and needs. 

The new law also allows a 25% collection charge to be added on top of the outstanding debt – greater than the costs of our services to collect it for you. Don’t just walk away from outstanding debt because of the regulatory and collection burdens. Don’t lose revenue because of staffing issues or a team that is overrun by other obligations. Allow LFS to partner with you as your Debt Collection Set Off Partner and profit from our experience. 


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